Telugu Actress Gayathri's Tragic Death Due To Car Accident

Telugu actress Gayathri aka Dolly D Cruze died in a horrific car accident on the night of March 18 after Holi celebrations. As per reports, Gayathri was with her friend in the car when the fatal accident took place.

The accident took place in Hyderabad's Gachibowli area.

The friend, who was driving the car, lost control of the vehicle before it hit a divider and overturned. Gayathri was declared dead on the spot, while her friend who was taken to the hospital succumbed to his injury on arrival. A pedestrian who came underneath the vehicle also died on the spot.

While this incident has shook fans and followers nationwide, it demands our attention towards first aid knowledge, which could have saved at least one life from that horrible accident.

The basic aim of first aid is to provide help to the wounded person immediately in order to protect his or her life, protect the person from getting more harm and to reduce the risk of survival associated with the accident or the injury.

The first and foremost thing one should do after arriving at an accident spot is call for an ambulance. Even if the first aid treatment is given, the person needs expert medical assistance.

Take the person away from the accident site to a comfortable place. Do not give the person lots of water to drink immediately. Start it with a few sips.

Check the pulse of the person and keep him or her conscious till medical assistance arrives. Talk to the person, assure that everything will be alright as medical help is on the way.

Check if the person is having any difficulty in breathing. In road accidents, there are chances of airways getting obstructed due to broken pieces of glasses or other parts of the vehicle. Check the person's mouth or throat for any such obstructions and try removing it gently.

If there is any bleeding try to stop it using a clean piece of cloth. Try to keep the bleeding under control till the medical help arrives.

If the person is not breathing or if the pulse is working, try giving CPR. This is an effective first aid treatment given during heart failure. It combines rescue breathing and chest compressions to keep the blood flowing until breathing is restored.

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