The Milwaukee Bucks have been dominating the Chicago Bulls in the first half of Game 4 today.

But the surprise hero of the game thus far has been Grayson Allen.

The former Duke star had 16 points in the first half. He had only 12 games with that many points in the regular season.

Allen was 4-5 from three and 6-8 overall in the first half.

He’s on pace for the highest three-point percentage of his entire season.

The trash talk is rising and people are comparing Allen

to some of the all-time greats thanks due to his performance over the past six quarters.

After scoring three points in his first two games against the Chicago Bulls

he now has 38 points over the last six quarters of basketball.

Will the 2022 NBA playoffs be the coming out party for Grayson Allen as a bonafide star shooting guard?