The Chicago Bulls were outplayed by one bitter enemy in particular

Billy Donovan and company came out and laid an egg in Game 3.

This was the Bulls’ first home playoff game in five years. The building was electric to begin with.

The energy was largely positive, especially after the Bulls went out

and took back home court advantage in Game 2 with a huge defensive effort.

But, as tipoff went down at the United Center for Game 3,

the momentum swung right back in favor of Milwaukee, and in a hurry.

Chicago’s leading scorer ended up being Nikola Vucevic with 19,

followed by 15 from Zach LaVine and just 11 from DeMar DeRozan.  

The fact that Allen outscored all three of the Bulls’ top players should serve

as an embarrassment and, more so, a wake-up call for Game 4.