Today let's talk about home loan, how you can get the best home loan

ROI: it is important to understand if the interest rate is ‘floating’ or ‘fixed’

and if it is floating, then what is the benchmark to which it is pegged.

Speed: Choose a lender who has the reputation for speed and simplicity of their processes.

Loan amount and documentation: If your lender is willing to consider the income of all earning members in the family

and all sources of income, it will enable you to get a higher loan amount sanctioned.

Are they mobile-first:  Does your lender provide a mobile app for making regular payments

and for keeping track of your loan disbursals and balances?

Even a statement of account or interest certificate should be available on the app.

Prepayment is your superpower: you must choose a lender who is not “possessive”.

Reputation of the lender:  Google your lender, go through their website, review their sample MITC

that is usually published on the website and read the online reviews before your final decision.