Bella Thorne Says People Call Her 'Controversial' Just Because She's A Woman

The former Disney star drew headlines after joining OnlyFans and directing porn film Her & Him. However, she thinks it would be a different story - or no story at all - if she were a man.

Asked why she is branded as controversial despite having had no run-ins with the law, the 24-year-old told The Daily Beast: "It's so funny that people say that I'm 'controversial' when you’re exactly right—I haven't been arrested. I'm not doing bad things.

"Of course I am a woman, and that definitely plays a part in it. If I post in a bikini, it's 'She's a slut', but if a man posts shirtless on a beach, it's 'F**k yeah, bro'.

"If a man posts with a different girl every other day, it's 'F**k yeah, bro, keep getting that p***y', but if I'm in a three-year relationship, and then break up, and then get into another three-year relationship, it's 'Wow, Bella Thorne, she's a ho. Look at her'. "I’m like, what? I've been in long-term relationships my whole life!"

Thorne went on to explain that she began getting involved in the sex industry in a bid to help tackle the stigma around sex and sex work. "My goal has always been to help destigmatize it," she explained. "Even the idea of sex in general is so important, and it's always been frowned upon.

"Women have been so uncomfortable due to the stigma that’s been put on them when it comes to sex that we don't want to touch our own bodies or are scared to buy a vibrator because people will think we're a 'slut' or 'dirty'.

"These things aren't right, and I'm so happy to see them changing." However, while her intentions may be good, she believes her work to promote a 'sex positive attitude' is unfairly viewed.

She said: "I hate the stigma around it. I have a lot of friends in the sex work industry and when I see them go through pain, it’s heartbreaking. These are my friends.  "So, as much as I can be a voice, I'm always trying. And it's another thing where people are like, 'Bella Thorne is controversial because she did this.'

"OK, well now there are all these celebrities hopping on the sex-positivity train – making vibrators and owning sex toy brands. "Now people are finally talking about it, but when I do it it's, 'Why is Bella Thorne doing this?'"